My Definition of DevOps

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My Definition of DevOps

Hello Friends.

If you don’t know, then DevOps is in the air since around 2008. It’s now 12 years and recently in past few years, it has bloomed a lot. People wants to get a DevOps job than traditional system administrator.

I am also driven by any new thing in our industry and have myself begun a DevOps journey. But wanted to understand in simple terms as to what exactly is DevOps and what all it covers.

There are many books and sources to read about it. They are trying to say the same thing but explanations are different and at times difficult and complex to crack meaning.

I have gone through multiple sources to understand it well. And in this article, I would like to write down my understanding about DevOps. So, it becomes another source for you ;).

What is DevOps?

There’s an idea. In present faster pace world, this idea has to be developed and deployed for people to consume it rapidly. Then, there’s another idea or enhancement over first idea. Again that has to be rapidly developed and made ready to use. If you don’t do it fast, then you will loose over competition or the enthusiastic markets.

There are some software developers who will design and develop the ideas. There are some operations engineer who will deploy developed software for consumption and monitor it continuously thereafter.

So, DevOps is a collaborative way of working between developers and operations guys. It is a combination of cultural philosophy, processes and tools to deliver the ideas.

DevOps Culture

There’s a culture of collaboration that promotes transparency in every phase from development to deployment. A culture of openness and transparency.

DevOps Processes

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are two main processes that make DevOps. Automating stuff is a key to DevOps. There’s a continuous feedback loop from customer that keeps on improving the application.

DevOps Tools

  • Containers
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins/Gitlab

This is what I have understood and tried to explain you the same. I hope you will find my language simple enough to understand. But if you have even more simplified version, feel free to share with us.


Hey Friends, Thank you for visiting my blog and spending some of your precious time reading it. Myself Aryan who works with a variety of computer technologies. This blog is a write-up of my understanding of various topics after reading different materials about it. I hope that it helps you in some way. Enjoy reading and feel free to connect with me.


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