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Recently, I have been given a new project. The project is basically the backend of files manager. Users want to access their website files and we have a custom file manager for that. This is on top of regular FTP, SFTP ways of reading/writing the files.

The backend of this file manager is written in Nodejs. Therefore, it is required that I learn nodejs from the start. I feel excited about it and decided to write as I scale up in this.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a Javascript runtime environment. It is NOT a programming language. Yes, you heard it right. Initially, I also thought it as a language probably a variant of javascript. But when I read more about it, I came to realize that it is rather a runtime environment.

This means that Nodejs allows to run javascript on server side just like it runs on browsers.

So Why Node.js?

Person who came out with Nodejs is Ryan Dahl. He made it possible in May 2009. This helps developers who are heavily involved in writing javascript for client side to write the backend in the same javascript. Otherwise, some other developer needs to write the backend in PHP or any other server side programming language.

In simple words, it fills the wide gap between frontend and backend developers.

Distinguishing Features of Nodejs

There are certain features of Nodejs that make it a lot different. It is designed to handle heavy traffic of concurrent requests from client browsers.

It uses an event loop asynchronous model. What does it mean? Nodejs uses a single thread and takes multiple client requests. These requests are then delegated to other system workers (OS) without blocking the any further request.

As soon as system worker completes the job, it returns a callback and response is sent to client.

That’s all about having a fair understanding of Nodejs. Visit the official website and explore yourself.

Have an exciting journey :)!


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