Happy SysAdmin Day

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System Administrator Appreciation Day

Hello Folks and especially all the System Administrators all over the globe.

I am a System Administrator and therefore I decided to write about the special day for SysAdmins. This article is especially dedicated for all the new IT people who have just entered into the awesome and exciting world of systems.

How Sysadmin Day Started?

This special day also known as the System Administrator Appreciation Day was started by a system administrator named Ted Kekatos. 28th July 2000 experienced the very first event.

He got the idea when he saw an advertisement in a HP magazine. In that advertisement, a system admin was presented with flowers and fruits as an appreciation for installing new printers. Ted was also installing the same model printers in his organization at that time. (Source)

There is a saying that developers are known for any any creation but sysadmins come into picture when anything does not work. They are taken for granted and receive little to no appreciation for 24×7 working infrastructure. I feel good when someone appreciates me at least on one day of the year :). I am sure every IT guy will feel good that they are working so good round the year.

When is the Sysadmin Day?

The special event is celebrated on last Friday of July all over the world for 24 hours. Each country celebrates as per their local timezone on the last Friday of July. The next sysadmin day will be celebrated on 28th July 2019. For all the IT companies, keep a note this date and show your appreciation to your fellow IT colleagues.

To all IT guys, thumbsup for all the work you are doing.

Feel free to share your photos and special moments.


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